Case #136

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Gender: FemaleAge: 65Weight: 177 lbs Height: 5' 9"

Months Post-Op: 1
Breast Reconstruction
Reconstruction Method:
Two-Stage Reconstruction

Doctor's Comments

This pleasant 65 year old female initially underwent pre pectoral silicone breast augmentation in 1973. She underwent revision by a outside physician in 2001 to try to address capsular contracture. She was diagnosed with an infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the right breast. She also presented with a recurrent symptomatic capsular contracture. After a thorough discussion, she underwent bilateral immediate first stage breast reconstruction with skin sparing Weiss pattern mastectomies and sub-pectoral placement of tissue expanders and Alloderm. After healing, she underwent second stage reconstruction with removal of her tissue expanders and placement of bilateral Mentor high profile gel prosthetics of 750 cc. She also underwent bilateral nipple reconstruction with CV flaps. Her post operative photograph is taken before her areolar tattoo. She now has much improved shape and has had sub-pectoral re-positioning of her implants along with treatment of her capsular contracture. She now has a symmetric, soft result.