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Dr. Archibald Patient Reviews



Below are excerpts from patient cards/letters. Please visit our office to see these along with hundreds of additional comments.

“I am so thankful for meeting people like you and your office staff who care deeply about the patient. You have given me back my smile and made me whole again, literally.”


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and your wonderful, caring staff. You answered all of my many questions, giving me reassurance with so much patience and kindness. I felt at ease every step of the way. You are a talented surgeon with calm confidence. I love my results!”


“I wanted to thank you for making my neck scar virtually disappear! I am so grateful for your expertise, talent, and gentle bedside manner.”


“You were such a breath of fresh air after so many consultations with other surgeons. Thank you for your kindness and reassurance throughout the process.”


“I would like to thank you for the excellent plastic surgery that you performed on my forehead, eyes and face. It has given me a very natural refreshed look that all my friends are envious of. Thank you!”


“Thank you for working me in so quickly. I was very anxious and so grateful for your calm demeanor and obvious expertise.'”


“Thank you for you expertise and gentle approach. I love my results! Best Botox and filler treatment I have ever had!'”


“My husband and I thank you for your expertise and caring manner. His eyes and forehead look wonderful. We really appreciate you. Thank you!'”


Real Patient Reviews

"Thanks for such great care and wonderful service. You’ve helped me make a positive change in my life!"

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